posturePosture implies different things to each individual. The resounding problem seems to be there is no clear public understanding to the question, “What is good posture?” You hear, “Stand up straight”, “Pull your shoulders back”, “Walk like you have a book on your head”, and “Don’t slouch” all the time.

However, is posture really that simple? Our posture is a reflection of how our bodies adapt to life and all of the challenges and stress that continually bombard us.

What Is Good Posture?

The word posture comes from pose which describes a specific type of positioning. Posture is the intentionally or habitually assumed position of our body as a result of our lifestyles. Therefore, good posture would be the formed habit of a neutral body with equal weight-bearing forces on all sides. Ideally, good posture would be maintained in both the resting and active body.

Does Anyone Have Perfect Posture?

The answer is simple, no. The reason for this is that your body has a remarkable way to adapt to all situations that you encounter in life. While this is a good thing in one respect, it causes a series of compensatory actions to take place that lead us away from perfect posture. Your posture is the external picture of how your body compensates to the world around it. Therefore, when our body begins to adapt to old injuries such as car wrecks and sports injuries, it finds a “new normal” as its current position.

What Are The Consequences Of Bad Posture?

  • Pain: Many pains are a result of poor posture. Tension headaches, burning between the shoulder blades, pain in the neck, middle back, and lower back.
  • Disfigurement: Hump backs/Widow’s Hump
  • Decreased cardiovascular and pulmonary function: Studies show higher mortality rates in those with poor posture compared to their colleagues.
  • Degenerative joint and disc disease: There is more wear and tear to joints and tissues when loaded incorrectly.
  • Chronic muscle shortening: Not have the ability to stand up straight.

Ready To Help With Posture In Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Charles Hecht has completed Body Zone’s posture certification program. Through this program, he will help guide you to not only a better understanding of what correct posture is, but daily exercises that will help you achieve good posture. This program will also allow you to monitor your own posture and guide you to a better understanding of the many benefits of good posture.

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