Women, Are You Paying Attention to Your Stress Level?

Women, Are You Paying Attention to Your Stress Level?
by Dr. Charles Hecht

Read Women, Are You Paying Attention to Your Stress Level? by Dr. Charles Hecht to learn more about Partners in Health & Wellness and our Chiropractic office in Chapel Hill, NC.

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Women, what’s in your life that is so stressful?  Your job, kids, their activities, laundry, a conversation with a family member, the spot on your dress . . .  I always remember the statement, “It’s not the things that stress you out that are dangerous, but how you react to them that are.”  So true, but so impossible to realize and react to when you are in the heat of the moment.

In addition to the cardiovascular risks, stress can also cause us to make poor choices.  The choice to eat or drink to much, smoke, become lethargic or exercise excessively.  Here are three steps to try to ease your stress:

1. Do not overcommit.  When you see the busy day/week on the calendar, do not add another birthday party or social event.  Instead, mark off a day (or half day) off to enjoy your family, get some exercise, or just rest!

2. Organize and Plan.  Most of us know what it takes to run our households for the week.  If you do not have a plan, I would suggest you make a list.  I find that many patients will “add on” chores/commitments thinking it will “only take a few minutes.”  The result: not getting what you need to do and becoming very frustrated!

3. Take time for yourself . . . Daily! Many women spend too much time juggling tasks.  Unfortunately, this ends with the sacrifice of personal time or daily exercise.  An idea is to take a short brisk walk (10-20 minutes) to help collect your thoughts, increase your heart rate, and give your more energy!


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For Your Health,

Dr. Charles Hecht

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