Washington Post Article on Opioids

Washington Post Article on Opioids
by Dr. Charles Hecht

Read Washington Post Article on Opioids by Dr. Charles Hecht to learn more about Partners in Health & Wellness and our Chiropractic office in Chapel Hill, NC.

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I received this article from the NC Chiropractic Association (http://www.ncchiro.org/?page=Public) last week and wanted to publish it as it seems like our country is finally taking a strong stand on the opioid crisis.

As I have discussed with several colleagues, “blame” is difficult to assign as there are many parties involved. ¬†At this point, “Who Done It” may not matter as much as what we do next. ¬†I continue to play the same old song of: get daily exercise, watch what you eat, monitor and try to curb your stress, and most importantly stay in touch with your body. ¬†This may be regular visits to a chiropractor, massage therapist, fitness coach/trainer or other professional that will monitor and hold you accountable for your goals. ¬†Pain does not appear out of the blue. ¬†It is your body’s signal to let you know that something is wrong, really wrong. ¬†Pain will be the last signal to appear and the first to go away. ¬†So be Proactive, not Reactive when it comes to your health!



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