Shameful Politics in Motion Again

Shameful Politics in Motion Again
by Dr. Charles Hecht

Read Shameful Politics in Motion Again by Dr. Charles Hecht to learn more about Partners in Health & Wellness and our Chiropractic office in Chapel Hill, NC.

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On June 1, 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) immediately revoked Doctors of Chiropractic from their network.  There was no due process or history of abuse or neglect by any participating chiropractor in the network.  The only explanation was it was done for “public health and safety interest.”

In a letter by the American Chiropractic Association President David Herd, DC he states:

Doctors of chiropractic in New York have effectively and safely participated in the national registry for several years without any reports of adverse effects to the “public health, interest and safety.” We fail to see how such participation can suddenly be considered to be an “emergency” on June 1, 2016 and thereby deny the affected doctors of their basic due process rights.

Mark Schremmer from Land Line publication (A Professional Trucker’s publication) added:

The reason for the removal is based on the New York State Education Department’s interpretation of state law that DOT physicals are outside a chiropractor’s defined scope of practice in New York. According to the New York State Board for Chiropractic, changing the scope in New York would need to be done legislatively. – See more at:

For any patient who wishes to actively choose their care, this should be alarming!  That any agency, without due process, can suspend or remove an entire healthcare profession with a long and substantive history is abominable.  Further, it opens for interpretation the scope of all practices.  In North Carolina, chiropractors are certified health professionals recognized by the state to treat and manage Worker’s Compensation cases.  However, insurance carriers have effectively blocked chiropractors by not allowing patients to seek care from a chiropractor.  Without legislative action against insurance companies, unfortunately, chiropractors are left to fight their individual battles.  Make sure you stay up with your current legislation to prohibit you from deciding on what care you would like to receive!

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